How I got in to tomb raider

I bet your all wondering how I became a Big Tomb Raider fan? Well this is how. In the Winter of 1997 I was at a friends and he was playing on his Sony Playstation. He was playing a demo disc out of a magazine and on this paticular game he was on there, there was a woman swimming in a tunnel to get a key. As soon as she got out of the water she was attacked by a Tiger! Sound familiar? Yeah the first level of TR2. I was overwhelmed by it all. My mate let me play it and I enjoyed every bit of it. That same year my Mum got me a PS1 for christmas and I started looking around for the first Tomb Raider game but i couldnt find it so I brought the game to the demo I was playing. Tomb Raider 2 was Brilliant. The action. The adventure and the puzzle's. My mate even ended up borrowing it off me. I got the guide book which came with a few poster's, and that is what made me a collector. After I completed it I managed to find the first Tomb Raider in the shops and started playing that one and coincidentally after finishing that game TR3 was just released. As strange as it sounds I started to collect magazine article's and guide book's at this point and i have quite a collection now. Christmas of 1999 I got Tomb Raider The last Revelation but due to personal reasons it took me 3 Years to complete this game. Let's just say my Memory Card got nicked. At this point I started to get more posters and build up my collection. I got Tomb Raider Chronicles and Angel of Darkness. I even got a free dvd with Angel of Darkness because I pre-ordered it. Over time I got Legend, Anniversary and Underworld and also started to shop on Ebay to build up my collection. I have spent quite a bit on it, but i love my collection. I have an e-mail pen pal who is also mad on Tomb Raider. People say that i'm mad to be a Tomb Raider fan but i'm proud of it. Lara has become a big icon in the gaming industry and an Icon in my house. I have pictures and statues In my house for visitors to see (and to annoy my Wife!) and have made my own cd roms collection with cut scene's and screen shot's. I love being a Tomb Raider fan. Thanks for reading.