New Tomb Raider to be Xbox Exclusive

Sad news for the world of Tomb Raider fans as It has just been announced a few days ago that the New Tomb Raider game is going to be exclusive to Xbox. For many fans like me that have always been there since the very beginning, this wether it be on The PC or Playstation is sad news. All those people who have been faithfull since 1996 have just been kicked to the side and out of the way over corporate greed. Xbox was not there from the start but Sony and PC were.

What is your view on this?

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    Steven G (Friday, 29 August 2014 01:51)

    Well it doesn't matter what console was first. Playstation players are ignorant and arrogant elitists that deserve to be kicked aside. When there are exclusive on Playstation they definitely don't complain but in fact they're laughing at others like they are so superior, when in fact they are inferior in every way. Sony is the worst company on this planet, way worst than MS. So screw Sony and their pathetic Playstation. And screw the Playstation fanboys too.

    The only bad thing about it is that PC is not getting it.